Day 4

Farm Fresh Eggs 2

As you’ve noticed, I talk about eggs quite often because we eat A LOT of eggs. Your first thought might have been, “that’s too much saturated fat and cholesterol and saturated fat” (which was mine two years ago), but then you read my post on the truth about saturated fat. You read it right? I posted on the confusing world of egg labels a few days ago, but here is a little bit more information to whet your appetite for seeking out a friend with pastured eggs. If you ask around, you will be surprised how close pastured chickens are to you. It’s even becoming in vogue and cool to have your own chickens! Maybe you want to get some backyard chickens for yourself – that’s our goal. The nutritional benefits of pastured eggs compared with their USDA certified conventional counterpart are mind blowing!

Vitamin-A 0.97 mg 7.37 mg
Vitamin-E 487 IU 763 IU
Beta Carotene 10 mcg 76.2 mcg
Folate 47 mcg 10,200 mcg
Omega-3s 0.033 g 0.71 g
Cholestorol 423 mg 292 mg
Saturated Fat 3.1 g 2.31 g

Pg. 253 of Joel Salatin’s book Folk’s this ain’t normal

Menu and workout for the day:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with peppers and goat cheese, almond banana pancakes, greek yogurt and black coffee

Lunch – I went to my cousin’s little girl’s first birthday party, so of course there was cake, snacks and temptation all around. After working out though, I felt great and wanted to continue to fuel my body well, so I had another big ass” salad for lunch before I left. I couldn’t find any salad dressing without any high fructose corn syrup, so I improvised and used salsa as a dressing. It was really good! While at the party, I ate a little fruit – although the cake pops, cookies and sausage balls were quite tempting.

Dinner – bowl of mom’s homemade chili

Today was a workout day. This workout is only 15 minutes of high intensity which anyone can do because you don’t need any equipment and you can scale it to your fitness level. Below is a visual and description of each movement.

I did the total time workout: 10 reps of each exercise, moving from one to the next without stopping. Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. (I got 4 rounds and it kicked my butt!

Jump Squat

Butterfly sit-up


Triceps dip

Lunge Hop


At first glance I thought, “ok, I’ll sweat, but this shouldn’t be too bad”. Woah, I was wrong!! However, when I finished, I was exhausted, but energized and motivated. Bring on the day!

How have your workouts gone lately? What’s your favorite workout?


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