Day 2


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There are many reasons why people “diet” and I don’t want this to fall into that New Year’s Resolution category that is destined to fail. I called it a challenge for a reason – I want to challenge myself towards a healthy lifestyle. We have come a long way in our thinking since our primal/paleo journey started in 2011. I’m so used to life without wheat and sugar that when people say, “I don’t think I could cut out bread” or “I don’t know what I’d do without my mocha frappachino”, I think “wow, really??”. But, then I have to take myself back two years and yes, I remember thinking that as well. Now, it’s just a way of eating and it’s not a big deal anymore.

I don’t feel like I’m avoiding or taking away, but rather adding to my diet. For instance, when people say to me, “I want to eat better and be healthier. What should I do?”, I don’t go on a long list of things to avoid. I simply tell them to eat TONS and TONS of vegetables. The fact is when wheat and grains are a huge part of our diet, we are too full to eat vegetables. If you think of it as adding to your diet instead of taking away, it is much more doable and enjoyable.

Sometimes, I get really excited about talking about natural, primal, paleo eating because to me, it’s the way God designed it. He created the soil and the animals and people to work in a symbiotic relationship. Nutrient rich soil gives to us (grass, hay, vegetables, etc) and we give back by taking care of the soil.

God spoke: “Earth, green up! Grow all varieties
of seed-bearing plants,
Every sort of fruit-bearing tree.”
And there it was.
Earth produced green seed-bearing plants,
all varieties,
And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts.
God saw that it was good…

“Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!
Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air,
for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.” Genesis 1:11, 28

So there’s your inspiration for today and if you want some hilariousness about this topic, read Joel Salatin’s “Folk’s This Ain’t Normal” – so good.

What is your motivation for eating/living healthier?

Today’s menu looked like this…

Breakfast – My daughter slept until 8:30am – I had time to have 2 cups of coffee, some quiet reading time AND shower before she woke up (hence the picture at the top of the post)! I had a slice of an onion and swiss chard frittata that I had made the night before with our pastured eggs from the farm. I took a few pictures of the frittata intending on posting them, but the pictures didn’t do it justice. My iphone didn’t make it look too appetizing, but it was amazing and very hearty.

Lunch – Leftovers: slice of pork loin from the night before and butternut squash lasagna

Dinner – We won’t be here this weekend, so I needed to eat up some of our leftovers in the fridge, so onion and swiss chard frittata it is – with bacon from the farm this time 😉 and a small cup of coffee.


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