Day 18


This is a short post because we had a busy, fun-filled day and I’m exhausted! It was the first sunny day here in about a week so we took full advantage. We played outside, went on walks, got some things done around the house and hung out with friends and family. Oh, and I have a big stock pot full of chicken broth cooking. It’s so easy, it’s great to have one going during the weekend. Hope you had a great Saturday!

Here’s what our day looked like in the kitchen…

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with salsa and cilantro, almond banana pancakes with butter and a little bit of maple syrup, bacon, black coffee

Lunch – Green Smoothie with flax seed meal & bits of a chicken I roasted the night before. Lunch was in the middle of all our activites, so we didn’t have time to plan it out too much.

Snack – almond butter and banana

Dinner – We went to dinner at an Italian place with our family and Italian, you know lots of cheese and pasta. So, I went with chicken parmigiana, side salad and green beans. I do have a primal version of chicken parmigiana if we ever eat it at home. Hint: it’s made with almond meal.

How did you spend your Saturday?


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