21 Day Challenge


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Happy 2013! 2012 was a great year for our family. We moved from a little apartment in the city and bought a house in the mountains, we watched our little girl grow from a 2 month old to an adventurous toddler, we were able to find a great source of grass-fed beef and pork, we’ve learned so much more about eating quality nutritious food in order to be healthy (it is a continual journey) and were surrounded by wonderful friends and family. God has immeasurably blessed us and we are thankful for where we are at the start of this new year.

Our family is starting out 2013 with a 21 day challenge, not merely to have a resolution, but to set a framework for the year to come. We would love for you to join us!

By the way, one of our huge goals for this year is to start a vegetable garden, beginning with composting as I said in my last post. I am very excited about this!

Also, if you enjoy reading this blog, pass it along to someone else who might enjoy it – thanks ;)!

Here are our guidelines for this 21 day challenge:

  • No wheat: pasta, cereal, bread, crackers, oatmeal, etc.
  • Nothing out of a box with any ingredient other than whole foods – no chemicals we can’t pronounce
  • No “fast foods” – yes this includes chick-fil-a
  • No alcohol
  • Very limited to no sugar or sugar substitute

What we CAN eat! 

  • Whole Foods – product of nature rather than industry/the perimeter of your grocery store (local farmer even better!)
  • LOTS and LOTS of vegetables (best sauteed in coconut oil with salt, pepper and garlic powder, yum!) & some fruit
  • Dairy products (raw if available, but good sources nonetheless)
  • Seafood (wild caught is best)
  • Beef, pork, chicken (local and grass-fed or free range if possible, but make sure you are eating meat nonetheless)
  • Beverages: WATER, milk, juices in moderation* with no added sugar
  • Snacks like nuts, seeds, dried fruit
  • All natural Sweeteners in moderation* – honey (local if available), 100% maple syrup, sugar (no more than a couple teaspoons per day)
  • Rice & Quinoa in moderation*
  • Sweet potatoes, squashes (white/red potatoes in moderation*)

*in moderation = should not make up the centerpiece of you meal, but rather a side item and should only be eaten two to three times per week

In addition, we will be committed to working out (crossfit style) at least 3 times per week. Don’t worry, I’m not super hardcore. I am competitive though, so my husband makes out a workout for himself, we scale it down for me and then I have to finish. And a bonus with Crossfit workouts – I just completed one tonight as I type this in under 6 minutes, and it kicked my butt! If you aren’t familiar with Crossfit or don’t have the equipment to do it, then get active at least 3 times per week. Whether it’s going on a hard walk, doing some sprints, circuit training, just do something.

I will blog daily about how it’s going and try to give you some meal ideas along the way. And if you miss the first day, just jump in whenever – let’s go!

Will you join us in the challenge and set a healthy framework for 2013?!


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