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banana almond butter

One of my favorite snacks is a banana with almond butter. What’s better than that on a warm day? Frozen almond butter and banana sandwiches! I found the idea for these sometime last year and wonder why I never thought about this in the first place. Two of my favorite things, frozen – so simple.

There were a lot more on the tray, but my husband loves these even more than me so I had to sneak in a picture before they were all gone. Our daughter loves these too, just get ready for some messy hands. I will put her in her high chair next time to contain the mess. Lesson learned.

Here’s how to make these delicious, simple snacks with only TWO ingredients:


Almond butter (I used Trader Joe’s Creamy and salted. Normally I buy freshly ground – either will work)

* optional: If you want to sweeten the almond butter middle a little bit, you can mash a banana and mix in with the almond butter before you make your sandwiches.  *

Simply slice the bananas into 1 inch pieces and place a little bit of almond butter and top with another banana piece. Continue until all your banana pieces are gone. Place in the freezer for a couple hours and enjoy!

What is your favorite warm weather treat? I love homemade popsicles and can’t wait to share a few of my favorites soon!