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Here is my imperfect list of ingredients that make up our real food, wheat-free, mostly grain and sugar free lifestyle. We try to eat 100% real, natural, organic, unprocessed and whole foods in our home. This way, on those few occasions that we go out to dinner or eat at a friend’s house we can do so with good conscience and enjoy the company,  not stressing so much about the ingredients of every morsel of food we put in our body.

Oils & Fats:

Grass-Fed Butter – right now I buy Kerrygold, but would love to find a good source of raw butter or even start making my own!

Olive Oil 

Coconut Oil – I buy organic, unrefined, extra-virgin and use this in everything from cooking, smoothies, body products (deodorantlotionchapstick, diaper cream).

Organic, Grass-Fed Lard – Our local farm or US Wellness Meats 

Bacon Fat – When we cook our bacon from our local farm, I keep a glass jar that I pour the extra bacon fat into. It’s amazing how a little dab of bacon fat can make sauteed vegetables that much better!

**To read more about healthy fats: Click here


Raw Local Honey

Organic Sugar – I don’t use sugar for anything really, other than to occasionally put in my coffee and to have for guests.

Organic Maple Syrup

Coconut Sugar – I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to switch the small bit of sugar we have in the house to coconut sugar. Here is where I will order.

** Despite what you have been told, agave nectar is not in any way good for you. Read more here.

A few of my favorite “go-to” Seasonings: 

Italian Seasoning

Sea Salt

Fresh Black Pepper

Garlic Powder



I don’t bake much anymore as my sweet tooth is almost non-existant since switching to a real food, wheat-free diet. However, when the craving does hit, here are a few things I use:

Almond Meal or Almond Flour

Coconut Flour – Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour

Organic Cocoa powder – My main use for this is when I make my 2 minute hot chocolate.

Pure Vanilla extract – I get mine at Costco. You just want to make sure it only contains 3 ingredients: vanilla beans, water, and alcohol.

Arrowroot Powder – I use this as a 1:1 ratio for corn starch and also in all of my natural beauty products.

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Canned, Dry or Pantry goods:

Canned Salmon – I get Bear & Wolf Wild Alaskan Salmon from Costco. I am very skeptical about where I buy my sea food, especially with the GMO salmon happening (so gross and wrong). However, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and a handful of other big grocers have made the decision to not carry GMO salmon in their stores – so I will be going to these stores!

Organic Oats – We eat a soaked oatmeal breakfast about once a week.

Albacore Tuna

Black Beans – I soak these in whey for 12-24 hours, then cook them on the stove for 4 hours. This removes most of the harmful phytic acid (substance found in grains and legumes that bind to minerals and don’t allow your body to absorb them).

Organic Quinoa – I get mine at Costco in a huge bag for a great deal. This is great as a quick side or as a great, wheat-free pizza dough alternative.

White Rice – for the occasional treat with Sesame Seed Chicken or Chicken Curry

Sweet Potatoes and White Potatoes – I always have at least a few of each on hand for easy sides like; sweet potato fries, hash browns, soups or frittatas.

Winter Squash – butternut, spaghetti and acorn

Tomatoes – I LOVE any and all tomatoes and go through a lot (hence, my urgency to grow a lot this summer in our first ever garden!). I’m hoping to grow enough in our garden to can some tomatoes to last the year.

Avocados – We have at least two on hand at all times. My daughter loves “tado” as a snack. My husband and I love making guacamole or adding sliced avocado to salads or on the side with our morning eggs. I usually buy a few in different stages of ripeness.

Canned Veggies – We don’t eat a lot of canned veggies, but I try to keep organic corn, kidney beans, black beans, diced tomatoes, green beans, etc for quick soups or sides.

In the Fridge & Freezer:

Pastured Organic Local Eggs – We actually leave these out on the counter, but most people don’t so I figured I would put it in the cold category. Fresh eggs contain a natural coating called “bloom” that protects the egg from bacteria, making them fine to leave on the counter for a few weeks at a time. We simply wash the eggs right before eating them.

Grass-Fed Cheese – I would love to find a source of local raw cheese or learn to make my own (that’s on the list), but for now we buy Kerrygold Dubliner brand from Costco in the 2 pound blocks. This is actually the only cheese that my daughter will eat!

Fresh Almond Butter – I get mine at Ingles and you make it fresh right there. So much better in my opinion!

Grass-Fed, Organic, Local Meat – Chicken, ground beef, stew beef, pork chops, bacon, sausage, etc. There is an assortment at any time – whatever we are feeling in the mood for.

Organic, full-fat yogurt – This is another one on the list of things to make, but as of now we buy organic, full-fat from the store.

Raw Milk – I get it from our local farm. To find raw milk in your area, visit here. We don’t really drink that much milk, but my 18th month old daughter drinks some at night and I will occasionally find the urge to have a glass (Which tastes amazing by the way. If you’ve never had local Organic Whole Raw milk, you are missing out!).

100% Pomegranate juice – I will add about 1/4 cup to a glass of water to give a little variety to my 99.9% water consumption. I also like to add a splash of this to my green tea.

Organic Spinach/Spring Mix/Romaine Lettuce – We eat a lot of salads at our house so there is always an assortment of leafy greens. If they are on sale I buy double and puree and freeze in ice cubes when it starts to go bad for later use in green smoothies.

LOTS of Vegetables – Radishes, carrots, turnips, celery, onions, kale, squash, red cabbage, etc. I really just buy whatever is in season and on sale. When I get home from the grocery store, our fridge is overflowing with veggies. I’m hoping to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program this spring-winter though, so we will be getting local, fresh vegetables!

Fruit – Organic apples, oranges, grapes and berries are a few of our favorites. Again, I buy whatever is in season.

Fresh Herbs – Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Cilantro

Frozen Peas/corn/okra – These are the staples of my frozen veggies. My daughter loves “pees” and eats them as her snack. Corn and Okra are great to throw into a quick soup or quinoa side.

Organic Frozen Berries – I use these in smoothies, yogurt

What would you add to this list? What’s in your pantry?