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My husband is a civil engineer who focuses primarily on consulting for solid waste management companies. Yes, you read that right. Solid waste = landfills. It’s actually a really interesting operation when you get into the details. So, he would know better than anyone after visiting sites and seeing all the waste and the mounds of trash we people dispose of, how much of it is actually decomposable. It’s immoral as Joel Salatin says.

If you include yard waste and wood products in the percentage of decomposable inputs to landfills, it accounts for roughly 75 percent. That is immoral. To deny all that life a chance to decompose and restart the life cycle is not only insensitive, it is ecologically reprehensible. That material, had it all been encouraged to rot, could have fed the soil and maintained fertility without the use of toxic nonbiological petroleum-based fertilizers. It’s not that we don’t have enough biomass to maintain life; we have simply squandered the treasures given to us by solar energy and photosynthesis.    Pg. 114 of Folks, this ain’t normal

That is staggering to me! That quote alone and the fact that we want to start a garden and fertilize with mineral-rich soil urged us in the direction of building our own composting bin. We have the materials and I will update you on the progress!

Composting can reduce yard waste that will eventually be hauled to the dump by 50-75%. There are many different kinds of composting and certainly one to suit every living situation or adventurous spirit. One that is becoming more and more popular is vermicomposting. This is “the process of using worms and micro-organisms to turn kitchen waste into a black, earthy-smelling, nutrient rich humus”. (source) Obviously, this is a favorite among kids. This may be a good source of if you need some help getting started – I know I do.

Do you compost? Do you have tips or a favorite way to compost?

Today’s menu:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, heaping spoonful of plain greek yogurt & black coffee

Lunch – My daughter and I went to a baby shower where I knew there would be tons of tempting treats, so I didn’t want to go hungry. I finished off the rest of my daughter’s lunch before we left (grass-fed ground beef and vegetables) and it was enough to tide me over. At the shower, there was surprisingly a great assortment of non-grain/wheat food. I had a scoop of chicken salad, broccoli salad and some fruit.

Dinner – Spaghetti Squash with Italian sausage and Vegetables. I didn’t get all fancy and put it back in the spaghetti squash shells, but just mixed it all together. This is a great quick, easy and nutritious meal. It’s my husband’s favorite!