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One assumption that people have about eating real, whole food is that you are in the kitchen a lot more than if you ate the processed stuff. People would be right. Between dinner prep, cooking and clean up, kitchen time is definitely increased. As I looked at our kitchen before eating dinner tonight, I made a comment to Craig saying, “wow, our kitchen is a disaster”. However, that same feeling came with a sense of pride. The messy kitchen was a sign that I was feeding my family whole, real, unprocessed food. I will take a messy kitchen any day if it means we eat well. So here’s what day 25 of real, nutritious, mostly from scratch looks like:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, coffee – yes, again. Like I said before I love eggs and so does Craig so why spend so much time on breakfast?

Lunch: Mixed greens with tomato, avocado and tuna salad with homemade mayo.

Dinner: Steaks from my parents (so nice!) and cauliflower rice with peas and chopped tomato. If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice, you really should. Even if thoughts of bland steamed cauliflower come to mind, I promise this is so much better! Check out my post here to find out how easy it is to make it.

Dessert: coconut milk hot chocolate. It’s the same as my 2 minute hot chocolate minus the milk for these 30 days. I did half canned full fat coconut milk and half water. Although it’s still summery hot here in the south, my heart is ready for the cooler weather of Fall!