Day 17, we did have a cheat… ;/ Surprise! We aren’t perfect. Craig’s parents graciously came to babysit little Emma and we got to go out on a date! We went to a really nice restaurant and it was so needed! We decided to have 1 glass of wine (me) and 1 beer (Craig). Then we had ice cream afterwards. So I did go against the “no-cheats” rule. I admit it, sometimes you just need ice cream! After 17 days of no cheats, it made us enjoy it that much more! I didn’t feel guilty and just savored the sweetness. Craig made the comment, ” Ya know, I don’t feel bad at all about cheating because I know that tomorrow we will jump right back into our primal eating.” I have to agree. Since cutting out wheat and sugar, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and mind shift. Taking these days to be really strict has helped me see that it’s not about scrutinizing every little thing that goes into my mouth and feeling guilty if it’s not “on the list”, it’s about seeing the bigger picture. I can now feel good about “cheating” every once in a while because I know that the other 98% of the time, my body is getting healthy quality food that it needs. I have learned so far (because we still have 14 days to document! – we aren’t done yet) that health is asking questions and not just sitting back and letting the food industry tell me what’s “good” for me. I am taking my health in my own hands!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, coffee

Lunch: Leftover Cauliflower rice and chicken with sun-dried tomatoes

Dinner: Craig and I went on our date and had amazing seafood. Appetizer: scallops stuffed with lobster cream (yum) Entrees: Craig – flounder with mushrooms and greens; Hannah – wild atlantic salmon cooked on a cedar plank with greens. I had a glass of red wine and Craig had one beer.