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We had a crazy busy weekend. Between seeing an out of town cousin (Emma meeting her for the first time), a marriage conference in Atlanta, seeing lots of friends, a cookout at Granny’s, Craig’s dad’s birthday, church, more family in town, and dinner with neighbors, we had plenty of opportunity to fall off the primal challenge wagon. The worst we did was white potatoes. We turned down chips and salsa, seven layer dip, pound cake, ice-cream, soft drinks and biscuits. Not that we will never eat those things again or weren’t tempted, because I can assure you I will taste them again in the future, but we realized that we CAN turn it down and no one got their feelings hurt, no one thought we were (too) weird, and it honestly wasn’t THAT hard.

I realized how many times I would have “cheated” in the past 13 days (at least 13 times) if we had not been so strict. Although we have taken steps to a more primal way of eating for the past 2 years, I think it was necessary for us to be really strict about it for a time if only to show us how much sugar, wheat, and processed junk food is all around us. We want to fuel our bodies with the best real ingredients possible in order to feel the best we can.

Day 12

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, coffee with coconut cream. Coconut is a great, and ridiculously tasty alternative to cream if you can’t handle dairy. If you buy a can of coconut milk (full fat) and spoon off the top, you will get coconut cream. I highly recommend it!

Lunch: Leftover meatballs with spaghetti squash and creamy avocado sauce, 1/2 peach.

Dinner: Moe’s burrito in a bowl. Although we did get some surprised looks when I told the guy at Moe’s that I didn’t want rice, beans OR chips, we made it without being the outcasts of the place. So what can you get at Moe’s/Willy’s/Chipotle that is primal challenge approved: lettuce, chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, sauteed onion, mushroom, peppers, cilantro, banana peppers, salsa – pretty tasty!

Day 13

Breakfast: Our friends that we stayed with in Atlanta know that we don’t eat wheat or grain so she graciously made us some scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and black coffee (even though she doesn’t even drink it!).

Lunch: After the conference in Atlanta, we were ravenously hungry so we went to one of our favorite breakfast spots and got 3 egg omelets with spinach and bacon to go. It came with skillet potatoes and we did eat those. It was a better choice over the grits.

Dinner: This was the cookout at Granny’s for Craig’s dad’s birthday and we had burgers (no bun) with tomato & spinach and a side of scalloped potatoes and green beans. Although Granny’s pound cake was hard to pass up, we made it out with some peaches straight from their orchard.

Day 14

Breakfast: bacon and avocado with salt, pepper & lime juice and black coffee. 

Lunch: Mixed greens with tomato, boiled egg, basil, red onion, with a homemade ranch dressing.

Dinner: This was the most tempting time to cheat because we had dinner at one of our neighbor’s houses and she is an A-mazing cook. We had a taco bar which works well because we can make it like a burrito in a bowl. We had celery with salsa and guacamole as an appetizer, then pulled chicken and seasoned ground beef, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce,  cucumber and sauteed onions and peppers. It was delicious! When she brought out the dessert, I was wishing we weren’t in the 30 day challenge because it was brownie pie and strawberry pudding pie – wow. But, we are committed to sticking to it for our health. Almost half way!