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Breakfast: I’ve got a long way to go on my photography skills, but these Almond banana “pancakes & sausage were way better than they look. (See, I told you I would change it up eventually!) I had a little bit of coconut cream leftover from the peaches and coconut cream from last night, so since I couldn’t use butter, coconut cream topping with a sprinkle of cinnamon was even better. Emma ate the “pancakes” for breakfast as well – they are one of her favorites. The soft texture makes them a great first finger food for babies.

Lunch: I ate a few bites of coleslaw from the other night and realized I was still really full from breakfast, so I waited for a while. Craig worked from home yesterday and we ended up waiting until about 3pm to eat lunch and I just mixed up some quick meatballs (spices and a little almond meal and an egg to hold it together) cooked in coconut oil. We had some of the creamy avocado sauce leftover from last night so we used it as a veggie dip with the meatballs – not bad.

Dinner: We went to Craig’s parents’ house for dinner and had a great time and a tasty primal meal. Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and watermelon. The primal/paleo lifestyle has gotten less weird to our family over time. 😉

This weekend we will be on the road some visiting people and going to a conference, so this will be an interesting weekend trying to figure out what to eat. However, as I’ve already noticed so far, it’s not actually as hard as it seems!