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You are going to want to read this post all the way through because our meal plan for the day includes a primal dessert! Day 10, I think I deserve a (primal) treat.

Breakfast: Bacon & scrambled eggs, black coffee

Emma and I went on some errands to town (20 minutes away) so I fed her lunch a little early and knew I would be eating my lunch late, so I snacked on a few dried figs and had a glass of water. I needed my energy for our thrift store outing! It paid off because I walked away with some great deals – 2 small tables, a wooden cubby shelf, and two picture frames for $8.50 – not bad!

Lunch: We went to a friends’ house for the afternoon, so by the time it was my lunch, I was definitely hungry. Glad I ate those few figs though earlier or I would have been ravenous and not chosen my food wisely. For lunch I brought over the leftover bbq beef brisket, homemade coleslaw and an apple

Dinner: Creamy Avocado “Spaghetti”. I found a recipe on pinterest that looked interesting so I put my own spin on it to turn it into a more hearty stand alone meal. (Here is my inspiration). Spaghetti squash, tomato, hot sausage (or ground beef) with a creamy coconut milk and avocado sauce. Delicious!

You have to used canned coconut milk and as you know, there is a coconut cream layer on top and as you may also know you just have to do something with that tasty cream, so …. Peaches and Coconut Cream of course! A great treat for making it 10 days with no cheats.

I’m actually enjoying this while I type. 😉