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Another day of no nuts for me and I had absolutely no stomach issues. I am going to push it out a little further and go at least a week to definitively say that is a cause. Also another day of no snacking other than the strawberry, peach, banana smoothie made with coconut milk. I can’t resist the peaches picked straight from the tree in Granny’s orchard!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & black coffee. I promise, there is more in the primal world to eat for breakfast than just eggs. Personally I would rather spend my time, money, and energy on making lunch and dinner more exciting. However, I have made breakfast frittatas that are great. Just get about a dozen eggs and throw in some sausage and/or bacon, spinach, onion, tomato, and cheese (if you aren’t on the 30-day challenge)! Recipe to come.

Lunch: 1/2 avocado, garden fresh tomato, on mixed greens with grilled chicken and homemade ranch dressing. This salad was very filling because of the avocado, chicken, and ranch dressing. I honestly can’t remember the ranch dressing recipe that I used, but I know it included the homemade mayo and lots of dill.

Dinner: We had some friends come over again for dinner last night and I cooked bbq beef brisket, sweet potato fries, and homemade coleslaw. I wish I had taken a picture of the brisket because just looking at it made me hungry. I got the beef from our local farm and the fattiness combined with the homemade bbq sauce made the flavor irresistible. The coleslaw included a grated apple which gave it a sweet little kick.

It’s amazing how my sugar cravings have decreased so much in 9 short days. For 7 days I couldn’t get cake, icecream, chocolate off my mind and now I really don’t even think about it. There’s so much about our cravings that is mental. I decided to use my brain over my taste buds and they are course correcting themselves! I’ve also been reading a lot about how no grains/no sugar for 30 days can almost act as a gut cleanser, restoring the gut flora and good bacteria. More on that to come!