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Today we stocked up on our beef and pork. I went to the local farm and got lots of grass-fed, free range, organic beef and pork for the next few weeks. You can’t really beat the view on the farm either. I even made it in time to get 3 dozen eggs – they are so pretty, I couldn’t resist showing you a picture of them. I really can tell a difference in farm fresh eggs and ones bought in the grocery store (even free-range certified humane ones). The yolks are much more yellow and they are richer in flavor.

Breakfast: Sausage, eggs & coffee. 

Lunch: We had some friends over for the afternoon and took them on a tour of our quaint little downtown. We ate at our favorite restaurant for lunch – big deal, since this is the first time we had eaten out since the 30-day challenge. I have to say we did ok. We got tomato-basil soup and chicken salad on spinach. Although, I didn’t really think about it until afterwards, the soup probably had cream in it. It’s hard for me to think for dairy since that wasn’t originally part of our primal “don’t” list. So, I would say our first out to eat experience was a pretty good one.

Dinner: Our friends were still in town and we had a great time of fellowship and food. We grilled burgers, veggies, and had other non-primal foods (which we successfully avoided!). Mine and Craig’s dinner consisted of hamburger patties with tomato, onion, lettuce and lots of grilled vegetables. I even cut brownies for everyone and did not even have one single bite. I have to say, I’m proud of that!

Tomorrow is a full week!