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Breakfast: The usual scrambled eggs & coffee. Watch out though – day 5 we change it up a bit (because we ran out of eggs)!

We went to KinderMusic for the first time, which was great. Emma loved it! I can already tell she is going to be musical. Since we went on a morning outing and the park afterwards with some friends, my lunch got pushed a little further back. I may or may not have eaten a banana that was intended for Emma.

Lunch: Leftover Salmon salad and a big plate of greens topped with a garden fresh tomato (the best). After lunch I was really wanting a smoothie but couldn’t do my usual greek yogurt, so I mixed up some coconut milk, peaches (straight from granny’s orchard), strawberries, and banana. Coconut milk is a great dairy-free alternative and it adds a tasty creaminess to the smoothie.

Dinner: I’m pretty excited about this new find – eggplant fries! Now, the first thing you should know is I’m not a big fan of eggplant. When I was almost 2 weeks past my due date with Emma and trying to naturally induce labor any way possible – I couldn’t even stomach the eggplant parmigiana. For some strange reason, I decided to get japanese eggplant at the produce stand near our house.

So, what does it take for me to like eggplant – bacon fat, of course. I found a recipe that I altered a bit that called to fry the eggplant in bacon fat and I was sold. Soak them in salt water for 30 minutes in the fridge, pat them dry, coat with almond meal, dip in egg, and fry them up in the goodness that is bacon fat. Definitely husband approved. I put them on a wire rack over a pan and seasoned immediately with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, & a little red pepper for a spicy kick.

Dinner: ground beef patties (with homemade ketchup & mustard), eggplant fries, and sauteed kale (in none other than bacon fat).

It’s day 4 and I have not missed any food! There have been a couple times when I would have loved a few salty chips, but after these eggplant fries, there’s nothing packaged that comes close. Conventional, processed food just has no flavor compared to using the good fats and spices as you prepare your meal in your own kitchen.