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Day 2 and feeling pretty good. We went to bed a little late last night, so I was a little groggy this morning. I think sleep is one thing we need to work on getting more of. So many studies show how sleep effects your stress level and your metabolism. Gotta get more of that.

Breakfast: 6 scrambled eggs w/ salt, pepper, & garlic powder (3 each) with black coffee. If you’ve never put garlic powder on your eggs, you should try it. I can hardly eat them without it now. Thanks to Craig for trying that one morning since we are kind of addicted to garlic.

Lunch: Craig went to lunch with someone at Moe’s and got the burrito in a bowl, sans rice, beans, and chips. Temptation averted! I had some friends over and kind of forgot about lunch until late so I just ate a big salad with sliced almonds, apple, and half of an avocado. I used apple cider vinegar (since it had no sulfites) and olive oil as a dressing. I don’t necessarily recommend this, it was quite sour, haha.

Dinner: Leftover Beef and Zucchinni Skillet with a side salad (Craig). I had the beef and zucchinni skillet with a sweet potato with cinnamon. Emma actually had this for lunch too. It’s grassfed beef so I felt good giving it to her and the zucchini is cooked tender so I cut it up in pieces and she was devouring it with her hands!

I had 1/2 of a banana and a spoon full of almond butter sometime during the day, I don’t even remember when. That’s the mom brain for you 😉