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In the quest to find out how our individual bodies truly respond to food, we have decided to take 30 days no grains, no wheat, no dairy, no added sugar, no cheats. That last one is the killer. We have been mindful about how our bodies are so closely connected to the food we put in it for a while now, but we’ve never gone a whole month with NO CHEATS. It seems easy in theory, but when you think about living that out day to day –  it’s not as easy as it sounds. Everyday is someone’s birthday, every other month is some holiday, there are a million excuses to just have “one more” chip/brownie/etc. I got inspired after reading the Whole9 blog. We are not following their program exactly, but we are implementing the skeleton of their Whole30 program. I like how they describe it on their website here, “The goal of the Whole30 is to eliminate all foods that may be having a negative physiological or psychological effect on how you look, feel, and live.” I’m a little nervous, especially putting it in writing for everyone to see, but I’m excited to see the results!

Here are our rules:

No added sugar, real or artificial (no splenda, agave, honey, stevia, nutrasweet, equal, etc.)

No Grains (no wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, or corn – yes corn is actually a grain). And no quinoa for the purposes of the 30 days – ouch, that one hurts.

No Legumes. No beans of any kind, no peanut butter (peanuts are a legume), no soy (even in the form of soy lecithin which is sneakily in so many foods). Beans aren’t a primal no-no, but they are just OK. Other foods offer what beans offer in much greater amounts with lower carb loads. We will cut them out for the purposes of the 30 days.

No alcohol (even in the form of cooking)

No Dairy (no butter – ouch again, no milk, no kefir, sour cream, yogurt -even greek)

No Carageegan, MSG, or sulfites which are in pretty much everything processed. Check the label.

Minimal snacking. Let’s face it, very rarely are our “snacks” healthy. We will be trying to get enough good fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in at each meal so we won’t have to snack. This means avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts & seeds, good meat portions etc.

Although we have been making the switch to grass-fed, free range, organic meats and produce, for the purposes of the 30 days, we are not going to worry so much about that. The most important thing is that we change our mindset about how and why we eat certain things. We learn how to listen to our body and not just our taste buds. And learn how to just say NO. Afterall, we always “choose” to eat something, no one forces us.

I will be blogging everyday as we go along (hopefully with our meal plans & some foods to make sure you have on hand to get you through the 30 days with NO CHEATS). We would love for you to join in with us and share your journey as well! Here we go …