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These pancakes are not only tasty, but nutritious and easy!

Cost: $ Bananas and free range eggs are inexpensive and I get my almond butter (Maranatha) at Costco for about $7 for 26 ounces.
Time: 15-20 minutes with a large skillet
Very Kid-friendly: This was my daughter’s first finger food and she loved it!
Taste: If you are used to regular pancakes, these have a bit of a softer texture, but a MUCH better taste. They taste very similar to banana bread.
Nutrition: Bananas pack a punch of potassium, vitamin B-6, manganese and calcium. The eggs and almond butter bring the protein to keep you full all morning.


1 egg

1 banana, mashed

1 tablespoon almond butter


1. Heat a skillet until it sizzles when a drop of water hits it.

2. Mix all ingredients together while skillet is heating.

3. Melt a little butter on the pan and cook like pancakes! (note: it does take a few more minutes to cook than regular pancakes)

Eat them plain or top with butter, berries (I have Costco’s organic frozen ones on hand at all times) or drizzle honey or pure maple syrup on top. This recipe makes about 4 pancakes, so I usually do one recipe per person eating.


I usually add a teaspoon each of vanilla and cinnamon

I’ve also made pumpkin pancakes by adding half pureed pumpkin and half almond butter – great Fall treat!